Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

Paper Chromatography (Experiment Method)

Paper  Chromatography is a method used to separate mixtures into their different parts.  Paper chromatography has been most commonly used to separate pigments, dyes and inks.  To do paper chromatography you need paper with a lot of cellulose fiber (fiber found in wood) and  chromatography solution, which is usually made from a mixture of water and alcohol.  Paper chromatography works because inks usually contain  several different colors.  Ink manufacturers mix different amounts of primary colors like blue, red and
yellow to make many other colors.  During paper chromatography, we can separate basic colored inks that contain different ingredients because some inks are more attracted to the paper and some are more attracted to the alcohol or water. In this experiment you learn how to prepare chromatography paper and solution.   You will also use these skills to separate your own samples of inks into their basic colors. 
for complete pdf file, here are 3 files about paper chromatography:

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