Kamis, 23 Juni 2011

Music: i found jason chen in youtube, his voice is awesome!!!

hey guys....to day i wont share a chemistry, i will sahare some nice song to hear. You now, jason chen? waw, he is a chinese man who live in USA and be a singer, but he like to cover a lot songs, his voice is cool, his english is awesome (not like my english...lol)....
i start to fan him yesterday when i found him in youtube, his video is be the one of the most watched these day, check out his video here guys,,,,i guarantee you will be like his songs!!!!!!!!!

these are some of his musci video in youtube:

most watched in youtube these day

my favorite song

grenade bruno mars (cover)

just a dream (my second favorite song)

perfect. pink (cover)....cool song again

talking to the moon, bruno mars (cover)

somebody to love (cover)

hate that i love you (cover)

forget you (cover)

lazy song (cover)

waw...he has a lot of video in youtube, i cant add all of them in one time, maybe it better for you to check out there by your selves guys.. :P
here are some site of jason chen:

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