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Chemical Reaction Kinetics

 Chemical Kinetics
Contents of this pdf are:

  • Catalysis and equilibrium 
  • Reactions with a pre-equilibrium
  • Reactions with a short-lived intermediate
  • Energy diagrams for pre-equilibrium and steady-state
  • Enzymatic catalysis
  • Michaelis-Menten mechanism
  • Catalytic Activity
  • Kinetic plots of enzymatic reactions
  • Inhibition of enzymatic reactions
  • Autocatalysis
  • Chain polymerization (or radical polymerization) 
  • Types of initiation
  • Kinetic chain length and degree of polymerization 
  • Step-growth polymerization (or polycondensation) 
complete pdf file: download
Reaction Mechanisms 
       Equation for a net chemical reaction represents the overall transformation of reactants into products – contains no kinetic information. Thermodynamics defines the relationship governing concentrations at equilibrium. 
      By mechanism is meant all the individual collision or elementary processes (the simplest possible molecular combinations) involving molecules (atoms, radicals and ions included) that take place simultaneously or consecutively in producing the observed overall rate.    
Factors influencing reaction rates
•  Concentrations
•  Physical Conditions
•  The intensity of absorbed radiation
•  Properties of the solvent 
complete pdf file: download


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