Kamis, 02 Juni 2011


actually i dont know, what the purpose of the award that is spreaded around some blogger, well i'll be think positive, may be it kind of appreciation among the blogger,,,even i think my blog is still far away from cool and good, i would to say thanks a lot to Hany for the award.
,she said this blog is own by the next scientist,,,hahaha, thank for ur words, hope it can be true.... :)

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okey, firstly i would like to thank you to Hany, you also have a nice blog about your favorite singer (SUPER JUNIOR), keep blogging han, 
second, i'll tell about a girl who give this award to me, his name is hany, actually i am her private lessons teacher, she tell me how nice is blogging, so she is person who suggest me to create this blog, i really thanks to her,
third, tell about my self? waw,,,it little bit difficult to say, i'll take an easy way, i just a student, i am also have a part time work, i like all bout chemistry, i like alot kind of music, from indonesia, arabic, western, japanise, korean.....all are easy and interesting to be listen
fourth, the banner is located above
fifth, i'll give this blog to ...:

good information about k-pop
good information about k-pop again
palestine will be free
always give a news and infromation about uncommon things, really informative
give me an information about newest research and invention in analytical chemistry
tell us, what's new in this world
about something secret, taboo, and some interesting stuff, it really informative
invention in nano chemistry,,,,the future chemistry will be
free download all software for us,,i like this blog

hahahaha........thanks for visting my blog till now guys

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