Kamis, 05 Mei 2011


When i m browsing the internet....i found some pics of Muslims which are so amazing. They all have a happy face, with laugh full of peace and love....

"THERE'S NO SUCH A FACE OF TERRORIST IN THESE MUSLIMS PICS....THEY SHOW THEIR LOVE AND CARE TO EACH OTHER, so, it really wrong if people say that Islam is a religion of terrorist. The terrorist is a people not Islam....."

Korean muslims in front of The Seoul Central Mosque located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu
(subhanallah....may Allah bless them)

A Muslim man pray in central mosque in seoul
Some of korean soldiers pray together in seoul central mosque.
(This is an awesome picture....Subhanallah, Wish they'll be always on the way of Islam)

Korean said syahadah as he turn into Islam
(You Choose the right way my bro....may Allah bless u)

Korean people demonstrate in Seoul to support Palestine from being abuse by Israel
(I like this pics much....what ever the religion, what ever we came from, what ever we are,,,,we cant accept if our brothers and sister crying and sad in the middle of war)

Waw....such a nice gethering,,,they are a japanise muslims in tokyo
(May Allah always blessing then with love)

Feeling so peace to see them, they are a muslims children in China, they have such a happy faces

A young japanise muslim girl offering dua after eidul adzha paryer at Tokyo mosque
(Such a cute muslim girl....:D

Muslimah in china,,,they have a beautiful smile to share to the world

A Cute young muslim boy, stay beside his father who doing sujud in shalat

A muslim man and his daughter in a mosque in new york

A muslim woman pray together in a restaurant in USA
(where ever we are....when the time come, we have to pray)

 A young Ethiopian Muslim girl show us how we to smile and always happy in our life :D

Well as u see,,,we are muslim, we love each other, we hate terrorist, we always want to spread love to another...
so....lets life happily.....because "A LOT OF FRIENDS, A LOT OF LAUGHS"...:D

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Masha Allah.
may Allah always give the protection for all our muslim brothers and sisters around the world

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